My Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey

*Disclaimer* I am 5 months pregnant - I do not follow any of this during this time and I am not a doctor or a weight loss guru. This is what worked for me at that time with the help of my husband who is a health and fitness professional*
As a New Year is rolling around people start to think about resolutions or new year goals. According to a survey taken at the end of 2019, 48% of people wanted to lose weight, 59% wanted to exercise more and 54% wanted to eat healthier. They all go hand in hand. 
Let's start off by saying this - the part that no one likes to hear. There is no quick fix. There is no magic pill. There is no secret procedure. And thats the hardest part for anyone to understand. Everyone wants to see results but no one wants to do the work. 
So, I am here to share my journey and my struggles with you in hopes to help someone out there that is going through the same. I played sports my entire life so I always had a naturally athletic build and always ate what I wanted. I practiced almost 7 days a week - therefore I was always moving. Food was never a second thought to me. Fast forward to age 21 when living on your own and partying became your life. 
Without getting into the details, I was completely derailed from my self. I literally spiraled out of control. I was in a very unhappy place in my life and I turned to food. I didn't know anything else. I was out to dinner every night - beer was my best friend and the weight just piled on. I was one of those gym hoppers thinking I could find the next quick fix. I said to myself every Monday - "i'll start again on Monday" and it was a vicious cycle week in and week out. 
And then I met Oneil Pryce  (my now husband) - celebrity trainer and gym owner which happened to be in my home town. I finally got myself to take one of his classes and somehow fell in love with moving my body again. Side note - it takes people, especially females, a really long time to admit to themselves that the number on a scale is just a number. It does not measure the hard work that you put into getting your body to where you want it to be.
[So to add to that - I am 5'5". I weighed 174 pounds at my absolute unhealthiest and unhappiest weight. At my thinest, I weighed 134.] 
 THATS 40 POUNDS! I worked my ass off to shed 40 pounds and I never ever cared what the scale said - to a degree. I watched it to see if I was progressing. I watched it to see if what I was doing was working. It was never a fact of "if I get to 134 pounds I will be satisfied." That is not to say that it's wrong or what you shouldn't be doing. It just made for an unenjoyable journey for me. 
The most important thing for me is that I felt so good and that I wanted to keep going. I felt good in a bathing suit again. But beyond that, It takes more than a really amazing trainer and his workouts. It comes from within first.
You guys, this was REALLY hard for me. Like really f******* hard. I thought that meal prepping and eating healthy was such an inconvenience that I couldn't be bothered. it gets easier! I promise
Now for the fun part - This is what worked for me: 
1. WATER. 
I drank anywhere from 100oz and above of water each day. And to be completely honest I don't know what it does for the body but I slept better, I worked out better, my skin was clearer and it seemed like the weight was falling off the more water I drank. I was consuming less sugar throughout the day which is a HUGE win. I love sugar. This is something that has helped me become more conscious of the water that I was drinking. 

I am not going to go into depth with this because everyone is different but I have seen results from others after following this as well. I am only going to share one day of eating that I followed because it tends to get overwhelming but I would follow this MOST days. AGAIN: this is how I lost 40 POUNDS in 5-6 months. This is not going to work for everyone. I don't like to say the time of day I eat meals because each day it varied as well as the amount of what I was eating. 

Coffee I LOVE COFFEE- However I wanted to take it. I can't drink black coffee but I always opted for the sugar free creamers, less calories and all of that. (do you)

CARDIO always on an empty stomach or after a cup of coffee. 
Meal 1:
3 fried eggs with salsa
Oatmeal with a fruit - blueberries or strawberries. 1 scoop or PB2 and every other day 1 cup of vanilla or strawberry flavored protein. 
Meal 2: 
Turkey or canned tuna with mustard and black beans
Meal 3:
Protein Shake -
1.5 scoops strawberry flavored protein
1 cup frozen spinach leaves
1/2 banana
frozen blueberries
Meal 4: (usually dinner)
pan seared salmon or cod fish or grilled chicken
1/2 an avocado mashed with garlic salt
raw carrots or black beans. 
*If a snack is needed I eat a sweet potato with cinnamon. 
I would stop eating around 7 PM. However I am a night owl so I would be starving again at 10 PM so I would have a cup of flavored black decaf coffee or a glass of my favorite cabernet =) or of course - WATER
one more time: this is what worked for ME
Meals had varied throughout the week but I made sure that I had all these things on hand so I was able to make meals throughout the day. Or I could grab and go. 
For weeks, I had to focus on making sure I was eating the right things and making sure I was getting the right amount of workout time in. It became an uphill battle for a long time until I found my groove. 
I worked out really hard at Oneils classes. 6 days a week. Sometimes even twice a day. I was determined. I lived 2.5 miles from the gym - I would run to class and then run back home. 
On an ending note - I do NOT look like this or follow any of this routine at this moment. The rest of my story is to be determined after my second pregnancy is over. 
Thank you for reading! 


Love this and you! We share a similar story and height and weight loss and goals! It’s so hard, running and Oneils classes made me love working out again! Miss you 🤍🤍🤍

Emily Fallon

Thank you Kelsey for sharing your journey. You a truly an amazing woman and I know how hard you worked at becoming your best self! Going to get H20 now.


Inspirational. Thank you


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