Amazon Finds You Didn't Know you Needed (Home Edition)

Amazon Finds You Didn't Know you Needed (Home Edition)

Scouring amazon for things we don't need can be extremely dangerous but you also find things that make life a little bit better. With the holidays coming, I rounded up a few things I've bought over the last few months that may have changed my (and my husbands) life! 

Take a look at these game changers:
1. Automatic Dust Pan :

This is pure genius. Are you sick of the dust and dirt finding its way under the dust pan just for you to have to sweep it up again? With this fun gadget, you will never even use the dust pan again. Amazing for pet hair, quick clean up messes and everyday sweeping!
2. I life Robot Vacuum (Roomba Dupe) :

 Speaking of sweeping, let this bad boy do the work for you.
3. Beauty Product Mini Fridge:
This fits right on your vanity or bathroom sink! I personally put all my face products in here plus my jade roller and sometimes a mini bottle of water for when I get ready.
4. Keurig Look a Like :
Let's be honest, there has been no better invention than the Keurig. But sometimes the price isn't right. This AmazonBasics single serve coffee maker is compatible with standard k-cup pods! Win - win! 
5. K-cup Storage :
Acrylic organization things have taken over this household. I keep this right next on my coffee bar! 
6. Towel Warmer :
Gone are the days of putting the heat at 85 to get out of the shower! This is more of a want than a need, but you NEED this. 
I am an Amazon JUNKIE - all things home, baby, life - you name it. I will be sharing these weekly along with gift giving ideas! Stay tuned!
Xo Kelsey 

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